Leena Khuraana

India’s First Female CGI Influencer

Leena Khuraana

India’s First Female CGI Influencer

Who exactly

is Leena?

It’s silly yet fun to tell you about myself, something that you would expect from a human, in a position of power ( by power I mean breathing power ), talking about their worldly existence. But If you are someone who likes exploring the possibilities of your expectations getting shattered for the good, then you and I can seriously hit on a good note.

While gadgets and technology intrigue me, my passion is always going to be all things fashion. If I could only read one book, it would be The Chiffon Trenches by André Leon Talley. I would never get tired of listening to “Dressed” and “In Vogue”, and If you ask me what’s the best thing about the 21st century so far, I’d say it’s validating the textile industry and celebrating designers.

But apart from all things stitched, the other things I’m fond of, are: Photography ( if you’re counting selfies ), exploring cities, watching sitcoms, preaching good eating habits ( only when I’m around people ), cat cuddling and over-gossipping. You know what I mean.

From futuristic beauty looks to astro-physics, everything excites me. As a citizen of this globe, I feel rights, fairness, and empowerment are not just mere things to be discussed but everyone should try to live by them and practise them in every sphere of their life. It won’t just take privileged humans, but all the humans from all races and walks of life along with a bunch of robots to make this planet a better one tomorrow than what it is today. I hope to be in a world where my fellow people rise and grow higher than their set limitations. My goal in life is to spread love and acceptance not just for me, but for every form of living entity that exists.

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